Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Full Story Behind Office Live MEATing

It's winter, so most bears are hibernating. Rivers are frozen over, streams are not being fed, and neither are the working BPOS bears that continue to work while other bears doze. I work with SharePoint, and while I respect other bears usage of MOSS during the winter time, I am not hibernating and using it like a plug.

Being hungry is always a problem with the salmon are not as prevalent. We have to go upstream to find much of the salmon. It's much better when they are in mating season and then it's simply a matter of catching the ones that dive over the waterfalls.

In a recent Office Live Meeting with other BPOS bears, we were able to discuss some of the areas where we found additional salmon that had grown slightly larger than the ones we were used to. Other bears had scouted through the forests and found a river that was a very great return on investment for bear time. The amount of fish meat we were able to find and eat after sharing the information from this Live Meeting was increased by 67% for all BPOS bears as a group.

Ever since that very productive meeting, we have since dubbed Live Meeting as Live MEATing.

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